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Project organisation

The project organisation consists of:

  • Steering group
  • Client group
  • Programme group
  • Faculty management
  • Coordination and communication group (KK group)
  • User groups
  • Commissioning group
  • Focus group 

In connection with major construction projects at the University of Copenhagen, a project organisation is set up for the purpose of user involvement, comprising three to five levels depending on the scale and nature of the project.

The organisation usually comprises a steering group, a client group and a number of user groups within specific areas. For large-scale construction projects, the user organisation also includes a programme group and a user coordination group.

The faculty appoints user representatives for each level. The user groups, including their chairpersons, are also appointed by the faculty. Moreover, a user coordinator is appointed by the faculty for large-scale construction projects.

In connection with the programming of major construction projects, a number of additional theme groups may be appointed within specific areas to provide input and inspirational material for the user groups. The theme groups are appointed by and report to the client group.

The steering group is the supreme decision-making body, and the other groups work within the framework established by the steering group.

External partners

The Maersk Building project is overseen by a team of consultants:

• Turnkey consultant: C. F. Møller Architects - website about the project
• Rambøll Denmark
• Rambøll Sweden
• Rambøll UK
• aggebo&henriksen
• Farquharson Gordon
• Cenergia
• Innovation Lab